Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost time for Crush

Well It's been awhile since I last posted - had to go back to my day job and earn a living. Well as my last post said 14 days it has obviously been longer than that. The current news is that it will be the end of October. The grapes are hanging a bit longer this year and a heavy rain this week will slow things down. It shouldn't hurt the thicker skinned Cab, but I'm a bit nervous about fungus and berry rot. If you click on the link, NapaVintners ,you can read the overview of this years harvest notes - 2009 looks to be a stellar year. Well that's all for now - I will start posting daily when crush starts.

Salud, M


  1. so when can a dude get some of this wine? Just curious.:)

    B. Granger

  2. I happened across your site here through a Facebook friend. Good luck to you! Looks like the crush went well from the pictures. --Tiffany