Sunday, September 20, 2009

Out and About - wine notes

Well I thought I would start blogging about the wines I that drink with friends, on the road, and at home. So here we go... Last night at Reef, one the best seafood joints in town, we started the night off with Willakenzie Pinot Gris 2007. This was a very nice semi-dry wine with a great bite (Zing) at the finish. This wine was smooth in the mouth and juicy, great fruit flavors. We paired this with a tempura shrimp roll and a steamed sushi dish that I didn't eat - I hear it was wonderful. Our second bottle was a 2004 Penfolds "St.Henri" Shiraz. This bottle could have been decanted but with a little time opened up nicely. It was full bodied and spicy - great cotton-mouth feel with the first sip then was immediately flooded with luscious blackberry, plum, and pepper. Fish was the order of the night, we had grilled Grouper, skin on Snapper, grilled Amberjack, and Hot Pot Seafood soup (highly recommended). I usually have a Pinot with fish, but the group felt we needed something a little more racy! The Penfolds hit the spot and paired very well, not overpowering the fish.

Just FYI I'm not a big-time foodie or wine critic - I just like to share experiences. I would love to hear suggestions on wines, restaurants, and your comments on the wines I have blogged about.


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