Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why wine why now?

So I thought I would give ya'll some background on why I'm doing this wine thing. Well I started drinking wine about 10 years ago with my dad. He was working for a guy that had a very large cellar and spent a good amount of time in Napa every year. Needless to say I was introduced to some of the most prized, overpriced, and delicious wines available. At about 23 I started my own adventures into the wine world. Over the next few years I kinda went nuts, just ask my friends. I was attending tastings every saturday, buying case after case, digging deep into mostly Cali wines. I came to be kind of a wine snob - I was rasied on the "best-highest priced" juice and thus sought only the best, a costly path I assure you. Well now I have mellowed a bit and I enjoy many varietals from many regions - price is less important and doesn't always reflect great juice.

So why now?
Many of us never pursue our true passions in life, we always have reasons or excuses why we can't follow this dream or that dream. Money, family, time are all valid reasons that run interference in our lives. My wine adventures have helped me develop the underlying passion that is wine-making. My family is behind me, time is what I make it, and money - well I'll find it somewhere. My pursuits are not simply self-centered, but aim to create a lasting brand, a legacy that I can pass down, a company that gives back, and that absolutely delivers the best juice that I can create for my consumers.

Last note - I've always heard that a recession is the best time to launch a business - well I've jumped with both feet - let's see how quickly I can grow wings!

Salud, matt

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